Thursday May 18, 2006

Oh boy, everybody’s coming down on Johnny Winton: Jim DeFede, the police, and even John/Miamista. That’s gotta hurt.

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  1. John    Fri May 19, 02:48 AM #  

    In the grizzled-voice words of a pro wrestler, “He’s goin’ dooooowwn!!!” I just hope he can smell what I’m cookin’...

    And again this leads me to wonder, do Mexican wrestlers come here to take the Smack Downs that American wrestlers do not want to take?

  2. John    Fri May 19, 12:22 PM #  

    Two guys walk into a sports bar. After running up a bar tab of two bills and getting thoroughly sloshed, they start yelling and abusing people. Two police officers arrive on the scene and try to apprehend the drunker guy. He head butts/shoulder rams one officer and puts a shoe to the other officers groin.

    When taken to the station the drunk defends himself saying, “I’m surrounded by cheering fans, I see some guys in uniforms so I kick the ball and tackle a guy.”

  3. alesh    Fri May 19, 01:27 PM #  

    Well, ok… I think some of the reaction has more to do with folks’ feelings about him from before the incident, tho.

    Getting drunk and acting like an ass? There but for the grace of God go I.

  4. John    Sat May 20, 04:33 AM #  

    Would you berate the help, yell about how powerful you are, and then KICK AN OFFICER IN THE GROIN and HEAD BUTT /SHOULDER TACKLE another, BREAKING HIS TOOTH? Yo, you’re a wildman Al. I knew you had it in you. ;)

    Of course you’re right though. Some of this is about him being an ass well before this. It’s also about applying the same standards, or at least it should be- JEB!

  5. alesh    Sat May 20, 08:34 AM #  

    Yeah, after I posted the above comment it was clarified for me that he got abusive with airline employees and tried to use his power to extract special treatment. So, that’s unforgivable. He’s gotta go.

  6. pasi    Sun May 21, 04:30 PM #  

    If Winton was black and drunk and attacked two officers wouldn’t be still be in jail?

    Teele was black and he never touched the officers and he got fired. Why should a white guy be treated better than a black guy?

    Is there any way for Winton to be charged with being rude to taxpayers from the podium? At meetings?

  7. John    Sun May 21, 04:34 PM #  

    No one told Teele to be Black. He chose to bring that on himself. Gawd! You liberals.

  8. General Colon Bowel    Sun May 21, 08:46 PM #  

    Art Teele was as white as you and me.

  9. pasi    Tue May 23, 09:56 AM #  

    Yes, and Teele was amazing at his ability to take advantage of blacks and whites. Teele prevented developement and progress in his District. (District 5). His two replacements are continuing the tradition. What a shame that the people who need help the most have such weak ineffectual leaders.

    I see Winton hired at least two expensive attorneys.