Wednesday May 17, 2006

The blogacious hipster politics

new times spread out
I’m writing this drunk, and it’s about silly shit, and life is short, and you’re probably better off skipping this post. Count yourself warned.

Item #1 is this ignore post, wherein our heros (a) make fun of this event for being sponsored by Toyota (“where does it end?” I don’t know, but it ended a long-ass time ago if you’re going to eschew anything with corporate sponsorship, guys. Also, and I really really do love ignore, but you guys using “hipster cunt” as a put-down is kind of like a bulldozer calling a forklift yellow, isn’t it?) and (b) totally go off on Crispin Porter + Bogusky, because they found out that someone at the company left an ignore-insulting comment on Miamity (Kyle is pals with ignore, so he prob. gave them the IP). Also note this, and also that said comment was left under the name “newtimez,” which brings us to . . .

Item #2 So the New Times’ best of issue named a TV station’s web site Best Local Website, which is great, except that (#1: the Associated Press style guide demands that “Web site” is two words, and #2:) the logic that got you to that selection, taken to its obvious logical conclusion, leads you to name the “Best local Website” every year henceforth. Still no big problem, except that they then say something like “the loozers in Bloward can have a ‘best blog’ category, but we in daD3z know that blogz are, like, sooo 2001; we ain’t even w’dat, yo” (check the link above, in case I’m mis-remembering their quote a little (and also, btw, a belated congrats to Rick, who got the best blog nod in da BPB)), with which I just have the slightest of problems. Blogs, to me, are a format, not so much a cultural entity in and of themselves. In other words, a particular blog can be good or bad, cool or uncool, but to call blogs in general uncool is equivalent to someone in the 1920’s saying that the talkies are a silly fad, or (as I put it here) someone in 1460 saying that books are “so 1455.”

OK, so the New Times said something dumb. Appropriately, tNFH makes fun of them for it, as does Franklin (in tNFH’s comments), as does Kyle, and as I would like to . . .

The problem is that NT is supposed to be a “fun” publication, and you can’t possibly be a “fun” weekly without shooting from the hip, and without saying some stupid shit from time to time. The problem is compounded in the case of the “Best of” issue, wherein the staff is required to make up all this shit in all these specific categories, and make it make sense, and be fun to read, and not be the same thing year after year, and, well, who am I to get upset if all those requirements get in the way of not saying stupid shit from time to time. Not to mention the fact, and let’s face it, that that everyone knows what the best blog in MIA is (and let’s face it: the only reason you’ve read this far was to see if I was going to go there, and now you know).

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  1. KH    Wed May 17, 08:41 AM #  


    True: Critical Miami is the Best Local Website!

    Yeah, I felt a little bad ragging on the NT, but frankly, I’m a little down on the print media this week—especially when they say blogging is history and more especially so given what happened to me (and about which I will post as soon as I’ve had a few more dealings with the right people).

  2. Manola BBB    Wed May 17, 10:41 AM #  

    Blogging is history? EAT MY SANDALS! THAT IS THE BIGGEST CROCK OF SHIT I EVER HEARD. Not even an alligator would believe that one for a second.

    Blogging is making history, or my name aint Manola.


  3. mkh    Wed May 17, 11:07 AM #  

    MNT: “Hey you blogs, get offa my lawn!”

    Print has been calling blogging history since the days of Jorn Barger and Kibo. MySpace kids call bloggers old fashioned. Undoubtedly monks bitched about those lazy SOBs using the printing press. So it goes.

  4. Manola BBB    Wed May 17, 12:52 PM #  

    OH MY GOD, am I getting old or what. I don’t know WTF corporate sponsorship was talking about. As far as I know, hipster is the thing that keeps getting in the way of my size 6 jeans.

  5. mkh    Wed May 17, 01:54 PM #  

    Manola, maybe you didn’t get the spam the rest of us did asking us to promote this event, you being a globetrotter and all.

    But if you need any help with your hipsters, I am sure there will be no lack of volunteers.

  6. NicFitKid    Wed May 17, 05:17 PM #  

    So the flaccid remains of MNT is the new arbiter of hip?

  7. Manola BBB    Wed May 17, 10:30 PM #  

    OK, MKH, I’m gonna hire a crane! :-)

  8. alesh    Fri May 19, 10:49 AM #  


    ignore’s point is fine . . . i might have made it myself if they hadn’t gotten there first. and I don’t think this is such a fucking earth-shaking issue that I need to be scolded for not “contributing to the conversation” with sufficient constructiveness. You want me to be more constructive? Cough up a reasonable salary, and I’ll be as constructive as you want. Good grief; the post even came with a disclaimer.

    Since you’re interested, though, explain to me how what Scion is doing is different from what any other advertiser is doing . . . the magazine, and the event, are CALLED “Scion,” so it’s not like they’re trying to be sneaky about anything. Marketing to their demographic is what EVERY good brand does. And as for the cars, as far as I can tell, they’re well built, relatively well designed, and cheap.

    Where’s the big problem? If a band wants to be associated with it, it may be an error in the band’s judgement (though I’m inclined to be skeptical even on that point), but I don’t hold it against the advertiser.

    I have no particular opinion of Crispin Porter; just mentioned them in passing.

  9. huh??    Fri May 26, 08:37 PM #  

    to manola,
    you don’t know what a “hipster” is? i can’t read if your being serious. manola is a hipster. omg.
    and yeah, crispin porter is a hipster hotbed by miami standard. they are so cooooool.

  10. huh??    Fri May 26, 08:38 PM #  

    to manola,
    you don’t know what a “hipster” is? i can’t read if your being serious. manola is a hipster NAME. omg.
    and yeah, crispin porter is a hipster hotbed by miami standard. they are so cooooool.