Monday May 15, 2006

One of those idiotic unclaimed luggage auctions is happening on Saturday. You pay $3 to get in, and bid on suitcases, contents unseen. You either luck out with someone’s laptop, or (more likely) you get someone’s dirty old clothes. Strictly for voyours.



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  1. Rick    Mon May 15, 07:52 PM #  

    Or a Haitian head.

  2. Tere    Mon May 15, 08:36 PM #  

    As a former MIA employee, can I just say – I used to love roaming the lost and found. So many weird things that people leave behind! Skis, crutches (I always wondered, how’d they get around without them?), huge stuffed animals, golf clubs, stollers, helmets, beepers, phones, and eye/sunglasses – oh so many glasses!!

    As for those suitcases – yeah, total trash. Dirty laundry more than anything else. I know that there are people out there who think “THIS bag will have treasure! Money! Jewels!” But no. Not even close. We’ve yet to see it happen.