Monday May 15, 2006

Critical flickr


In another life, I decided to do a photoblog, and had all the wealth and fame that comes with it, all with a minimum effort. Oh, well. In the interest of at least some approximation of that, I’ve begun to upload a few of my snapshots to flickr. Think of it as a more visual, less narrative side of CM. And do whatever else you’re supposed to do on flickr – tag, comment, etc.


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  1. Jonathan    Mon May 15, 11:11 AM #  

    Cool. You have some gems in there.

  2. A.T.    Mon May 15, 12:19 PM #  


  3. R.    Tue May 16, 12:41 AM #  

    good eye.

  4. Roger    Tue May 16, 10:13 AM #  

    Hey, what’s the name of the place on the beach with the a boombox on both sides of the front-door? I have passed by several times but never gone in since it has always looked closed. Is it any good?

  5. alesh    Tue May 16, 10:35 AM #  

    hmm . . . i actually don’t know. I assumed it was either closed, or it’s some private thing. I’ll check it out when I’m around there. Maybe it’s a Satanic electronics store.