Tuesday May 9, 2006

Comments on herald.com!

Be still my heart: this article in the Herald (on the debate over rock mining) allows comments!! Has anyone ever seen this before? I wonder if this is an experiment, or the beginning of a new policy of some sort? In any case, it’s long overdue.

Nice system, too: there’s a comment rating system, a separate RSS feed (the herald has the RSS thing down), and some transparent moderation going on: “Messages 89.6 through 89.10 were deleted.” Nice job, Herald!

Update: Another and another.


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  1. Defeded    Wed May 10, 05:52 PM #  

    They’ve had it over there for a couple weeks now, on select stories. It seems to have started across the board for the sites of big Knight Ridder (or now McClathchythcy or whatever) papers.