Monday May 8, 2006

Jim DeFede on the boot camp beating death. He’s never been more right: “the special prosecutor in the case needs to move forward in pressing criminal charges against not only the guards who were present and participated in this heinous act, but the nurse, who stood by and watched as a young child was killed.”

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  1. Rick    Mon May 8, 10:01 PM #  

    And the doctor, as DeFede notes. That guy needs to have his medical license pulled at the very least.

  2. Smitty Wesson    Tue May 9, 09:33 AM #  

    People need to remember that the reason this kid was sent to boot camp to begin with is because he was a hopelessly pathological thug whose desperate parents recognized the degree of his capacity for dangerous behavior. Most of these boot camp losers end up in jail anyway, costing the taxpayer millions and ruining the lives of their families and crime victims. What I’m getting at is, the kid’s death is no big loss and the guards saved us a lot of grief and money. You liberals may wring your little hands in despair, but those are the facts, Jack.