Saturday April 29, 2006

The Miami Beach Earth Expo takes place tomorrow (Sunday) from noon to 6 pm. It’ll have environmentally-friendly exhibitions and workshops, live music, and an electronics recycling center (good time to get rid of old computers, cell phones, etc.)



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  1. Rebecca Carter    Mon May 1, 04:27 PM #  

    I can’t believe I missed it! Did anyone go?

  2. Christian Calzadillas    Mon May 1, 08:32 PM #  

    I went. It was pretty… um… Uneventful? There were not very many people around. If I hadn’t read about it here, I wouldn’t have known about.
    I didn’t really know what to expect, but I think I was expecting more than what was there.

  3. alesh    Mon May 1, 08:55 PM #  

    That’ll teach you to read Critical Miami, Christian.

    Bummer, though – the press release really made it sound grand (i guess that’s their job).

    It’s at least worth note as a way to ditch old computer equipment, which is normally a pain in the butt (and very bad to just dump in the trash).