Saturday April 29, 2006

Everyday I'm hustlin'

“The bridge separates South Beach from my Miami. The real Miami.”

Rick Ross: representin’ Dade County, Carol City, BMW 745’s, and a very prominently product-placed Treo 650.


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  1. Rick    Sun Apr 30, 10:00 AM #  

    Not exactly deep introspective lyrics but I love it all the same.

  2. paisley    Sun Apr 30, 10:59 PM #  

    please stick to non-rap posts. this is outright idiotic nonsense.

  3. Miami Transit Man    Mon May 1, 03:26 AM #  

    Just in Time for the Memorial Holiday Rap-escapade on Miami Beach…Good publicity…

  4. LubyFresh    Mon May 1, 02:10 PM #  

    On the real, it’s about time MIA gets our shine on, This that 1 Haitian boy from Fort-Liquor Dale checkin’ in, Love Rick Ross new single, got’s to hutle pimpin’ got’s to hustle

  5. alesh    Mon May 1, 02:17 PM #  

    exactly. I’m thinking CM hasn’t been doing nearly enough on local hip hop. Get ready for that to change.

  6. cohen    Mon May 1, 11:29 PM #  

    i was lucky enough to work on this music video,,, we shot at club rolex, cant get any more critical miami than that

  7. miami786    Sat Jun 10, 09:36 AM #  

    man what a ass hole if the heat is not on now it will be. how could he wear a shrit with a drug gang( the boobie boys) and then he given a hoola to all the drug dealers that have worked the streets of miami for the last twenty something years all in prison now.I know from being around when you say some names it follows you