Tuesday April 25, 2006

The fucking SUV drivers, I tell ya. My driving habits toward SUV’s have changed drastically ever since I learned that you can annoy SUV drivers into giving up their vehicles.



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  1. TJE    Wed Apr 26, 07:44 AM #  

    I soooo hate those hummers. Passionately. They’re such a desperate cry for attention.

  2. Val Prieto    Wed Apr 26, 12:46 PM #  

    Personally, I have nothing against SUVs. if people want to spend their money on gas thats up to them. What really pisses me off are all those people out there driving while on their cellphones. Especially us Cubans. One hand to hold the phone and the other hand to talk leaves no hands to hold the wheel.

  3. alesh    Wed Apr 26, 12:58 PM #  

    The two in combination are the worst, though. If I had a dime for every time I’ve been cut off by some asshole in an SUV who didn’t signal his turn because he was on the cell and didn’t have a free hand, I’d retire.

  4. Manola BBB    Wed Apr 26, 01:33 PM #  

    OMG!!! This anecdote will go down as a Miami classic!!!

    She was so obnoxious Mr. Manners is going to have to come up with a whole new category of award!