Friday April 21, 2006

You may not even need to click the link, but yes, a man was caught coming into MIA with a suitcase of dead birds. The suitcase was confiscated, and the man was allowed to go on his way. Good times.

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  1. Manola BBB    Fri Apr 21, 11:44 AM #  

    OH MY GOD!!!

    Those dogs are really well trained. I was once caught by the beagle brigade. I had forgotten that a half-eaten serrano ham sandwich, which I brought at the airport before boarding the plane, was in my purse. Poor dog must’ve been salivating over the scent of ham. I wonder if the officer tossed the sandwich or let the dog eat it?

  2. cicuitmouse    Sat Apr 22, 02:29 PM #  

    I remember taking some Cuban food and a batido on board once, to discover how aromatic they were once on the plane…

    The trafficking in exotic animals is BIG business, but not as newsworthy as, say, when someone tries to smuggle munitions… only at MIA (sigh)...