Saturday April 15, 2006

A greener Miami

a steenkin' pile of garbage One of the nice things about all the new blogs is that certain unpleasant tasks, like trying to keep up with the horrible UDB site, get taken off my hands. Not only does Rebecca do it better then I ever did, but she does what few bloggers do: she gets out there and does stuff in the real world.

There was the trash thing, the transportation challenge, and the liveblogging thing. It’s not in her nature to be preachy, which is quite unexpected for a hippie environmentalist blogger, right?

OK, so how about this: “I will pick up at least one piece of litter and place it in a trash can everyday for 1 month, but only if 20 other local people will, too.” You can get behind that, can’t you?


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  1. Rebecca Carter    Mon Apr 17, 11:45 AM #  

    Thanks so much Alesh…I really appreciate the kind words and all of the support! As for the Litter Free Miami, we’ve only got 4 pledgers at this moment (Yeah Critical Miami, Manola, my hubby, and anonymous!), and I really thought that 20 would be cake. The deadline is this weekend to sign up, otherwise it will go into PledgeBank’s section of shame: Failed Pledges!

    But again, thanks for such nice comments…they really do help keep me going!