Wednesday March 29, 2006

John Szarkowski at the Margulies Warehouse

John Szarkowski (this photo is probably about 40 years old) will be speaking at the Margulies Warehouse this Thursday at 7 pm.

Szarkowski, who was Director of Photography at the Museum of Modern Art from 1962 to 1991, was instrumental in the medium’s acceptance as a valid vehicle for art. His books, including Looking at Photographs, argue vigorously and eloquently for the aesthetic value of excellent photographs. This is not to be missed.

The Margulies Warehouse, the private collection of Marting Z. Margulies, includes one of the most respected collection of photographs in the world (though the collection also includes video and sculpture), including many photographs by the early masters, and some stunning contemporary work. The collection is huge and dazzling. While it may not make sense to compare it with traditional cultural establishments such as the Miami Art Museum, it may also be the one must-see stop for an art lover visiting Miami.

The collection will be open for viewing from 6 pm on Thursday; see their website for regular hours and directions.

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  1. Jenny Brillhart    Wed Mar 29, 05:22 PM #  

    Thanks for this posting. I would not have know otherwise.

  2. Reel Artlover    Wed Mar 29, 05:38 PM #  

    I love his crystal figurines.

  3. Harlan Erskine    Thu Mar 30, 03:43 PM #  

    fyi – This event was filled to capacity (around 350 people) sometime last week and only RSVPs will be let into the Lecture. I just called and thats what they told me. I wish I had known earlier.

  4. onajide    Thu Mar 30, 05:02 PM #  

    Well, I’ll have to get on the Margulies Collection’s case about not sending me announcements for my calendar. It’s now 5pm. Thursday… I called a Miami Art Exchange Meetup this evening at 7:30pm. sigh

  5. noneya    Thu Mar 30, 11:58 PM #  

    too drunk or not drunk enough Szarkowski (and old as hell), talked half-heartedly about johnny appleseed and ladders, and what not…not much missed if you weren’t there, just someone making due while expecting a check. the microphone was too far from his mouth, so an echo made it challenging to hear as well.

    more people could have fit, especially after all the lofty, photo-poseurs started to get agitated and left.

    all-in-all i saw Szarkowski speak of his own fotos, and that was nice.

  6. alesh    Fri Mar 31, 06:20 AM #  

    Bummer. I went, couldn’t get in, and left. Anyone else have a report?