Tuesday March 28, 2006

Poquito Tuesday


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  1. Andrew    Tue Mar 28, 10:18 AM #  

    I read this blog quite a bit and it is the first time I disagree with your comment on restaurantplace.com. I have been waiting for a site to do this. I just recently moved from Coconut Grove to the beach and have been struggling to find out where to order delivery or pick up from (since i don’t have any menus for the beach) and since I don’t know what restaurant to order from I can’t simply type a restaurant into Google. I am definitely going to use this site to pick out what restaurant I am going to order from tonight.

  2. MM    Tue Mar 28, 10:31 AM #  

    RE: Miami Monthly – yes, it’s a magazine. The company used to publish the Brickell Post, South Miami News and Cocnut Grove News. They folded those all into one monthly magazine.

    RE: restaurantplace.com – remember Phone Chef? That was great! You’d call one place, order food from any number of local restaurants, and they’d deliver it to your door. You could order from, say Fridays, your friend from Tony Roma’s, your sister from Pasta Factory, and everyone would be happy. I miss Phone Chef…

    RE: Manola B – yay! You do what I wish I had the time/energy/talent to do!

    RE: Patti LaBelle – her recipes for 5-cheese mac n’ cheese and fried egg sandwich ROCK. So I forgive her for having a bad night.

  3. alesh    Tue Mar 28, 11:35 AM #  

    OK I take it back – maybe having menus and the ability to do user-ratings all in one place is a good thing, even if it’s not complete.

    I’m given to understand that the Patti LaBelle situation was the promoter’s fault – she went on at midnight instead of 10 pm like she was supposed to, and nobody told her it was going to be freezing cold.

  4. us    Tue Mar 28, 12:06 PM #  

    doesn’t citysearch do the restaurant thing too?

  5. Manola B    Tue Mar 28, 01:57 PM #  

    I’m glue! Hooray! I’m glue! Stick to me, baby! :-)

    Patti: I feel awful about Patti LaBelle’s experience. She should be duly forgiven. I mean what are the odds of a cold front in March spoiling an outdoor concert? Seriously bad luck.

    MM, where does one find such a recipe? Yum.

    PS, thanks Alesh … and have no doubt, we already ARE a wondrous Miami blogging community!

  6. MM    Tue Mar 28, 02:21 PM #  

    Manola, recipes found in this book.

    Needless to say, this book was published before she found out she was diabetic. There isn’t a single healthy recipe in it (yay!).

  7. MM    Tue Mar 28, 02:22 PM #  

    Oops, thought I could hyperlink….

    LaBelle Cuisine: Recipes to Sing About

  8. John    Tue Mar 28, 06:32 PM #  

    Okay, that was spooky. I wrote a sentence that said virtually the same thing about Manola B with the same wording. Ca-Ray-Zy! I HAVE to cut down on visits to this site. In that same draft I was writing about just what a scarily Frankenstein of a site that Miamisnews is. I totally applaud their ambition however. Yeah, I get free Miami Monthlies on my lawn in the Grove and they even put it in closed plastic. You will see the online, full versions of the old papers if you click on my link to Community Newspapers link on my sidebar. Speaking of Bars, I got drunk, no, no… Speaking of Bars I was heartened to see that the SF Biz Journal and the ILR has a problem with Florida lawyers; their position is 4-A: Anti-litigant, Anti-Worker, Anti Consumer, All the time”. (BTW, does this increasing use of Spanish make you a Cuban blogger Alesh?)

  9. Manola B    Tue Mar 28, 06:58 PM #  

    Johnsito, we at Manola 180 want to know where this sentence is located … no, he would be “Oyeme Ale” if he was Cubanaso.

    Actually I came here now to find that restaurant site. Take out is in order!

  10. mkh    Wed Mar 29, 10:54 PM #  

    Did everyone in our little sun-soaked web community get an e-mail message from Samantha about Restaurant Place?

    Thanks for the mention of the voting machine problem. It isn’t a very sexy topic, but it is a scary one that isn’t getting a lot of attention.

    I like the photo accompanying this entry, Alesh. It reminds me that our official city bird is the crane.

  11. Heckler    Fri Mar 31, 05:21 PM #  

    I checked out Miami Monthly, and most of its articles, photos, and the particular way in which it’s chosen to cover “South Miami, Coconut Grove, Pinecrest, Brickell, Coral Gables and downtown Miami” make it seem like the Miami they are covering is very white and English-speaking. It kind of gives me the creeps.

  12. John    Fri Mar 31, 06:12 PM #  

    Heckler so hit the nail on the head. From what I have heard of the demographic changes in “Midtown” and Morningside,they’ll throw that in too. There is the growing creation of an East Side Anglo/Jewish/English speaking Miami. I call it the Los Angelization of Miami. In a way it is good- People who don’t speak Spanish and are American (whatever that means) in cultural orientation don’t have to flee Miami. Educated, talented, moneyed people from other parts of the country will be more apt to move here and do business. Miami will get over its insularity and reintegrate into the American economy. As long as you Crackas don’t get grabby and try to take Dade back. Don’t want you guys to start eyeing the public sector either- no spiki spani, no get hired, no get contracts, got that? I WILL go Mas Canosa on your asses if you get to ambitious.