Friday March 3, 2006

Maggie's Oriental Mart

Ever since Laurenzo’s, the hunt has been on for a perfect Chinese market. Maggie’s Oriental Mart, nestled between two Chinese restaurants across the street from 163 Street mall, is not bad, but not quite up to the challenge.

The usual suspects are in effect: numerous variations of clear and regular noodles, a thrilling selection of sauces in jars, cans, and bottles, exotic candy, and almost a whole aisle of single-serving ramen. Yum!

Dried fish. We ate something like this in China, and they were delicious. I’m actually sort of regretting not getting some of these.

Fermented beans, pickled vegetables.

Dried fungus.

Maggie’s looses serious points for the almost complete lack of a produce section. There was fresh garlic, ginger, and one other mystery item (all in bags, without english labels), everything else prepackaged. Bummer. There was, however, a massive selection of medicines on the shelf behind the front counter. A pharmacy? We had an experience with Chinese medicine on our trip, too, and this might be worth investigating further.

Maggie’s Oriental Groceries
1234 NE 163rd St.
North Miami Beach, FL 33162

Update: See also Lucky Oriental Mart.

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  1. jojo    Fri Mar 3, 09:24 AM #  

    never knew this existed. thanks!

  2. MM    Fri Mar 3, 10:36 AM #  

    What about Lucky Oriental Mart on Bird and 83 Ave.? It usually has what I need… or is that too far for you?

  3. fin    Fri Mar 3, 12:23 PM #  

    This is awesome. Thanks! I like the one on Bird too…especially their gummy candy.

  4. Manola B    Fri Mar 3, 01:16 PM #  

    Awesome! I didn’t know this existed either!

    Did they have a good tea selection?

    Does anyone know of a good Indian (not West but East) market?


  5. alesh    Fri Mar 3, 01:31 PM #  

    I was hoping y’all would suggest more Chinese markets. Yes, I know about Lucky, and I’ll get down there eventually – it’s bigger then Maggie’s…

    I also know of a good one in Pembroke Pines, but that’s out of range for me.

    Anything else closer to Mia downtown or beach?

  6. MM    Fri Mar 3, 01:47 PM #  

    I don’t think there are any Chinese marts in the downtown area. I keep picturing the area block by block and can’t remember any…
    The Indian Grocery Store on 37 Ave. just off Coral Way was great. It was also the only one I knew of (is that what Manola meant by East??). I was so unhappy when they shut down. Damn the developers. (If in fact they had to shut down due to the great big building growing right on top of it).

  7. alesh    Fri Mar 3, 02:02 PM #  

    A list of Indian markets in Florida, if you can make heads/tails of it:

  8. Harumi    Fri Mar 3, 06:14 PM #  

    Maggie’s are good, but there are also PK on the same street more towards I-95. If you live south diffinatly Lucky’s are better.
    Just for some other info, Good Korean grocery is on 441 and Hollywood BLVD.
    and Japanese is at NE 79th cause way to beach infront of Channel 7. They also have sushi deli and they are amazing!!!
    Indian is on SW 107 and Coral Way behing cuban restaurant.

  9. onajide    Sat Mar 4, 11:29 AM #  

    I’ve seen that place many times. Thanks for letting me know there was more there. When I lived in SF, I used to buy Chinese herbal medicines all the time.

  10. michael    Fri Mar 17, 06:46 AM #  

    I know that this is not Seattle nor SanFran so to see such a pathetic produce section at a Chinese Market shouldn’t be surprising, however since fruits and veggies can practically be grown overnight in this climate one might think they would have some, I have seen more chinese veggies at BillyBobs Sausage Festival store in London

  11. Ernesto    Wed May 10, 01:17 AM #  

    do you sell green and purple Amaranth, bean, ridge and ashgourd. Greengram, split cajan and split black gram. and last but most important, sell red unpolished rice or any rice with bran still attached to it?