Tuesday February 21, 2006

Outoftowner Tuesday

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  1. john    Wed Feb 22, 09:28 PM #  

    Yeah, even (or especially my Mom) complains about trying to read the print. I really anticipated the visual format being much more temporary.

    I hope my longer, more thought-intensive blogs make up for the bullet items and fluff that I often put up.

    Hope I’m allowed to indulge in thoughtful, reflective, dense prose to even out my glib/sarcastic borderline-cynical stuff.

    And bear with me, b/c my slutty friends tell me length is always good for a change…

  2. alesh    Wed Feb 22, 10:11 PM #  

    i’m not sure the itemized posts are any less dense then the regular ones, but yes, you sure are allowed to indulge in anything you want. if it were my place, I might suggest breaking up the posts into 1000 or so word chunks, but it’s not, so i won’t.

    on the other hand, it might well be my place to suggest that switching to a simple black-on-white template might work wonders for your readership (it would make me, for one, read a greater porportion of your posts).

  3. john    Thu Feb 23, 03:02 AM #  

    I’ve thought about this quite a bit before your posting. The style of blog writing, that is. Dense, discursive, full of internal cues… Punctuated with quick conclusions and observations. (Pause as I lick my chops.) I must remember that we are living in the era of rampant ADD, a function of busy-ness.

    For years I wrote grant apps. Then pieces for a policy journal. Then marketing material. Ah, and essays for admissions. (BTW, Toptiered.com needs 2 new grad level editors!) God, if I am consigned to that writing forever… It all has to be so simple, good for a two minute perusal.

    I hope there is room for something in-depth. Where would a person find substantial pieces about Miami these days? I know blog-writing is supposed to be short and pithy but where is the alternative?