Friday February 10, 2006

Things to do, things not to do


Not do: Uh, how about Kid Rock, Steve Miller, and Bon Jovi, for Christ’s sakes.

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  1. Rick    Fri Feb 10, 08:37 AM #  

    I suppose it all depends upon your taste in music.


  2. alesh    Fri Feb 10, 09:52 AM #  

    If you didn’t see Steve Miller in the 70’s, Bon Jovi in the 80’s, and Kid Rock in the 90’s, it’s too late. Let’s do stuff with some vitality.

  3. Rick    Fri Feb 10, 11:29 AM #  


    Being old enough to have lived through Clinton’s Parliment in the ‘70’s is not something that I like to ordinarily admit to but in this case it’s necessary in order to point out the obvious.


  4. john    Fri Feb 10, 12:06 PM #  

    Too bad I’m out of town. Bye ANR. Did you check out Omar’s (MSP)reality check / timidly hopeful bit on Jesse Jackson and the local live music scene? It was HILARIOUS. Acoustic music in Miami Beach spot… Bless his heart and yours too. As long as there are a couple of folks singing and a couple of venues though there is still a chance right? What’s next, beach parties with bonfires and strolling troubadours?

  5. Franklin    Fri Feb 10, 01:11 PM #  

    Whew. At first blush it looked like “Kid Rock, Steve Miller, and Bon Jovi” was one show. Eek.

  6. alesh    Fri Feb 10, 02:19 PM #  

    they’re playing within days of each other at the Hard Rock casino, so Eek is somewhat apropo.

  7. ohokay    Sun Feb 12, 01:38 AM #  

    They are off to NYC like all the kewl kids.

  8. cohen    Sun Feb 12, 11:20 PM #  

    better and worse music groups have come and gong through miami,,, and nobody really gives a shit,,, its what miami has always been for the arts , a place to start off then leave before your stuck…maybe in the future this will change , but right now same old song , cant wait to see kid rock play at gulfstream during 90s revivial nite

  9. us    Mon Feb 13, 12:16 AM #  

    its funny that bands think the need to be in New York to get big. Iron and Wine is the perfect example of how this doesn’t have to be true. Although, I would be assuming that what their moving up there for only business resigns. Then again they could just hate it here in Miami like everyone else.

  10. john    Mon Feb 13, 05:28 PM #  

    In fairness what are the chances of being seen or surviving or having a supportive group of fellow musicians as a live musician in Mia? A friend (who is looking at me write this) said to me that the label Iron and Wine is signed to will look in Caspar, Wyoming to find a good act but even then you better have your material prerecorded. I dunno. Wish they stayed b/c it all has to start somewhere right?