Wednesday February 8, 2006

South Beach parking guide

While this rages on . . .

Nobody likes to get towed, but us folks who live on South Beach generally have a more positive perspective of the tow truck operators then anyone else in sprawling South Florida. Most everyone in our high-density town parks on the street, and carspace for residents is a limited commodity. Add to that folks from the mainland coming down to party, guest passes, large 60’s-era convertible Cadillac’s, and folks who leave too much space in front of their car, and you’ve got a recipe for stress. (Actually, visitors from the mainland have it easy: find one of the many garages or lots, and you’re done.) Anyone can learn to drive; parking is another matter. And at the expense of of turning this into a SoBe-living blog (no!), I present some parking tips:

  1. You can squeeze into spaces that look too small. Above is a picture of my car in a space I just parked in – there are about three inches between me and the Toyota in front of me, less then two between me and the Jeep behind me
  2. Parking karma: park so as to leave room for as many other cars as possible. If there might be room behind you for another car, then pull up as close as possible to the car in front of you. If you’re at the end of the block, let your car overlap the yellow curb a little.
  3. Speaking of yellow curbs. The rule seems to be that if the wheel closer to the corner is partially in the non-yellow zone, you’re OK. Some experimentation may be called for, though; parking authorities seem a little more lenient on Friday and Saturday nights.
  4. As far as towing, anyone parked in a handicapped space or blocking a driveway gets towed the fastest. Next comes cars in residential zones without a permit. To the best of my knowledge, though, recently expired permits and cars in front of yellow curbs only get ticketed, not towed, so maybe it’s worth the risk.
  5. Those alleys sure are tempting when you’re desperate to find a spot late at night. There are spots that are definitely fine, but nothing will get you towed faster then taking some’s space on private property. Therefore, alley parking at your own risk.

Please use the comments space if I’m wrong about any of this, or if you have more advice.

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  1. Rick    Wed Feb 8, 08:52 AM #  

    As a “mainlander” who visits occasionally and makes use of the garages or lots, I’ve got to say I don’t know how you residents cope with dealing with this issue day and day out.

    BTW, what happened to Steve’s post that went up and then disappeared last night?


  2. Steve Klotz    Wed Feb 8, 09:36 AM #  

    Alesh really didn’t want that post…..It was only up for a few minutes. I could modify it slightly and send it to you if you’d like to post it for me.

  3. Gus    Wed Feb 8, 10:56 AM #  

    Can we please get this sobe-living blog post back on topic. Just kidding ;-)

    But I’ve got some parking tips to share:

    *When parking South of 5th Street, non-residents can park on the north side of 4th Street all day and night.

    *At Flamingo Park, residnets can park in the lot overnight and non-residents can park there during the day.

    *If you have to go anywhere near Ocean Drive or Lincoln Road, park in a public lot.

    *If you are near West Avenue, the Wild Oats parking lot can work in a pinch.

  4. Otto Moe Beal    Wed Feb 8, 11:55 AM #  

    When I hit the beach, I just park my Hummer on top of somebody else.

  5. Christian Calzadillas    Wed Feb 8, 02:59 PM #  

    #1 reason why I have 5 bicycles and no car!

  6. Rick    Wed Feb 8, 07:34 PM #  

    Steve: It was well-written, as most of your stuff usually is, but (and no offense intended here) I was primarily looking forward to making a snarky comment.

    Damn it all.


  7. Steve Klotz    Wed Feb 8, 09:24 PM #  

    Thanks, Rick. I think.

    That post became comment #49 over at Artblog , where more smoke is getting blown over this controversy than you’ll find over Danish embassies. Head over there and join the snark-fest!

  8. john    Thu Feb 9, 04:54 PM #  

    Re: the link to the “debate” on Art Blog. I did not see why it was necessary. I have my thoughts but it seems like it is off topic.

    But since the link is there and it WAS brought up, I think the papers running the cartoon was like Holocaust jokes or exhortations to return to Nazism, which btw are both illegal to run in Denmark and throughout Western Europe. With the actual issues such as A WAR (not to mention Western Europe’s ugly colonial history w the Third World) it all seems like a red herring and a platform for demagogues, racists, etc. More to the point, what does it have to do with Miami and our environs? Or is the issue “Freedom of Miami blogging topics?” :)

  9. alesh    Thu Feb 9, 10:03 PM #  

    yeah . . . the debate on Artblog has nothing to do with Miami, except that both Steve and I are involved in it, and it’s taking place on a Miami blog. In its own way, completely gratuitous.

  10. john    Thu Feb 9, 11:40 PM #  

    Aha, I didn’t read it through on the link. My bad. Some very important points you made over there. It got kinda ugly and borderline stupid w some other folks, but hey, I’ll leave it up to the msm to tell people what to think. Good work holding up the flag of reason.