Tuesday February 7, 2006

Supreme happiness Tuesday

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  1. Jonathan    Tue Feb 7, 10:11 AM #  

    Greetings and thanks for the link. My photoblog is most definitely not abandoned. However, I typically update it only about every month or so. More photos to come!

    Best regards,

  2. John    Tue Feb 7, 01:56 PM #  

    This is a general comment upon postings that this blog has been offering in recent days. Miamista has been insanely busy but Critical Miami (along with some ass kicking work by some some downright defiant msm columnists) has made me feel utterly unnecessary, and that’s a great thing. rock on.

  3. alesh    Tue Feb 7, 09:02 PM #  

    Glad you’re doing OK, John . . . I was starting to wonder.

    Johathan~ drop me an e-mail when you update next, then. nice work.

  4. Robert    Wed Feb 8, 06:52 PM #  

    The rationale behind my comment about Haitians in Little Haiti is that they are 100% black (OK OK there may be a handful who aren’t…but you get the point), yet they were allowed into this country (whether legally or illegally, they are here) and have made a positive contribution. My comment about them being white was purely sarcastic.

    Pretty much debunks Hiaasen’s theory that the US immigration policies are driven by race. Our policies are misguided, yes. Racist? No.

    Hope that clears it up.

  5. Matt Heller    Sun Feb 12, 11:47 AM #  

    Thanks for listing me again, along with lots of really fascinating stuff – The Daily Pulp by Bob Norman seems like a great site for keeping track of the local media. Of course, Critical Miami remains my first choice for what’s up and notable around town.

  6. john    Sun Feb 12, 02:48 PM #  

    I agree with Robert but I THINK that Alesh meant that there was never an assertion that Haitians are not productive members of our community by Hiassen or the government. Instead the argument seems to be they just favor Latin Americans (Cubans, Central Americans, Colombians, etc. covered by refugee status or TPS) over Black Haitians, seemingly on the base of color. There is a strong historical case to support Hiassen but I still believe it is more complicated than that.

  7. john    Sun Feb 12, 05:05 PM #  

    So I read the article on NWS. I imagined that it would be like the summer nights in the park in NYC (and other cities) with various orchestras playing to folks stretched out on the grass covered by sheets, with byob wine, cheese, etc. While the events are free and are held at major parks throughout the city the design of the event is to increase support for whatever orchestra is playing. Miami can do these things year round. I was disappointed that the event still seemed to be full of Miami bullshit stuffiness. Why does a city blessed to be in the (supposingly) tropics ALWAYS seem to equate “art and culture” with wannabe elitism. What a waste.

  8. alesh    Sun Feb 12, 08:31 PM #  

    Robert~ If you mean that there are plenty of Haitians already here, so they must be letting some of them in, then that’s true enough, I suppose. At the same time, we have the fact that most would-be immigrants from Haiti get sent back.

    I agree with Hiassen that the DISTCINCTION the government is making (between “political” reasons for escaping from Cuba and “economic” reasons for escaping from Haiti) is a sham.

    Matt~ Thanks.

    John~ These young professional get-togethers with music/booze are nowadays a staple in the non-profit world, and I think classical music organizations, in particular, need to go after that sector like their life depended on it (for the NWS it may not, but for many it does). To that extent, NWS should ramp up the Friends program, if anything (I couldn’t find more then a passing reference to it on their web site).

    Also, I have to say that NWS is very generous; a respectable percentage of their programs are free, and others are inexpensive.

    Should NWS throw free performances in parks? I see no reason not to support that. Generally, though, I think they’re doing things right.

  9. john    Sun Feb 12, 09:29 PM #  

    Aha- you’re nail on the head right about the political vs. economic thing being a sham. I think that Hiassen couln’t resist the catchy title and that is what some people (me) focused on.

    You’re also right about the need for those sorts of events being necessary. Anyone who has picked up on who I am knows that I have been active as a non-profit and public administrator… You know what people over rate though-soiree type fund raisers. You know what they under rate- community good will that assists in what is the backbone of the non-profit world, i.e. foundation and government grants. I think it is also a mistake to assume that those sorts of events attract a greater volume or more lucrative source of funders. Mainly what I am getting at though is the psuedo elitist attitude of Miamians who revel in the idea of exclusivity while doing little for culture (as they define it). With the sad or admirable (depending upon your perspective) portion of “art and culture” spending that falls upon the tax payer in Miami I would think folks in the arts community would be doing floats, parades and greeting cards. Perhaps greater attachment to a wider cross section of Miamians would provide breadth and depth to the local cultural scene. I don’t know enough to single NWS out however and I trust what you say. BTW, it is that sort of programming that would have given us all good use of the greenspace in Bicentennial Park. In reality though a PRIVATELY funded museum will be a great thing there.