Monday February 6, 2006

Jim DeFede Topical Currents interview mp3

On January 24th, Jim DeFede was interviewed on Topical Currents. For technical reasons, WLRN was unable to post the mp3 to their web site. However, Richard Ives, associate producer of the show, sent me a CD of the interview, which, after some jostling, I was able to rip back to an mp3.

The interview is great: DeFede oozes wisdom, and Joseph Cooper has the knowledge of local history and politics to know just what to talk about. They start with a long conversation about the Teele suicide and Jim’s subsequent firing from the Herald, and go on to a whole host of other interesting issues. With thanks to Richard Ives and Joseph Cooper, all due attribution to WLRN, and a salute to Jim DeFede, here’s the file, followed by a few quotes:


Jim, on recording telephone interviews:

It wasn’t an elaborate setup, it was something you buy at Radio Shack . . . it’s just something you plug into your phone and plug into a tape recorder. I like tape-recording interviews, because then you can concentrate on what the person’s saying, and you get quotes accurate, and you can actually get more flavor in a quote . . . you know a lot of times I hate in newspapers when you see quotes that are just like six or seven words because that’s all the reporter could write down. I like words that actually go on 10, 15, 20 words; you know, you get more of a context and a flavor. So when I’m doing interviews, I’ll let the person know I’m recording them, and then I’ll turn on the tape recorder.

on the night he got fired:

I drove around. It was close to midnight by then and I just sort of drove around the streets, because I didn’t want to necessarily just go home, and I was stunned.

on Tom Fiedler:

I’ll ‘till my dying day never understand why Tom didn’t pick up the phone and call me, and talk to me. Apparently Tom’d been talking to Jesus [Diaz] during that two or three hour period before they’d made the decision to fire me, and all Tom had was second and third-hand information; he had snippets of information that I’d given to Jesus and the newspaper’s attorneys. He never spoke to me directly—I mean, think about that for a second: the executive director of the Miami Herald made the decision to fire me without ever speaking to me.

on Commissioner Joe Martinez:

The man in an unabashed scoundrel and villain. He is the worst of the worst as far as I’m concerned. . . he takes the one person who stands for honesty and integrity and wants to protect the environment, Katy Sorenson . . . and he takes her off the regional planning commission . . . he’s just the worst of the worst.

on FPL:

FPL executives should be hung by their thumbs, that’s at the very least . . . and this was only a category 2. . . It’s a shame that nobody will hold FPL accountable, we’ll see if the legislature does anything, but I doubt it.

on the Wynwood development:

Where are the people who used to live in this neighborhood supposed to live now? This is still one of the poorest cities in the country, and we’re not dealing with affordable housing—we’re dealing with rich-people housing – we’re doing that real well.

There’s also great stuff on wet foot/dry foot, the recent beating of a homeless man by teenagers, and much more. (Previous Jim Defede coverage on Critical Miami.)

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  1. Christian Calzadillas    Mon Feb 6, 11:51 AM #  

    Listening now… Pretty interesting stuff. Thanks for making this available.

  2. john    Thu Feb 9, 11:52 PM #  

    Damn Alesh, get a whole bunch of ads on this page so I can click up a storm and you paid for this. Sell t-shirts, coffee mugs, something. You deserve it.

    Can Jim DeFede get off the rag though? He sold out and now he wants moral high ground. Feidler is a dick too and he knows it (but figures Diaz is a passing figure.) He should stop trying to jockey his way back to the trough or at least own up to being a sell out.