Thursday February 2, 2006

The Fabulous Floating Inflatable Villa

The Fabulous Floating Inflatable Villa

Sometimes you miss stuff. The Fabulous Floating Inflatable Villa was discovered while wading through the archives at we make money not art; it dates back to Art Basel.

“The Fabulous Floating Inflatable Villa” was designed by [Luis] Pons as a reaction against the “McMansion” culture of Miami real estate. The 30-foot-high floating pavilion is moored at Aqua . . . The 900-square-foot structure boasts 360-degree bay views, and is illuminated with white lighting throughout its columns and dome, making it visible at night. The PVC villa will be kept inflated by a generator and transported by a flatbed barge to various other locations.

More pictures.

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  1. john    Thu Feb 2, 11:51 AM #  

    Alesh, Alesh, Alesh… You’re breaking my heart. I read YOUR posts religiously. :) I did several posts on Pons Inflatable Villa, and promised (but failed) to do more. The horrible architecture of McMansions is neither reflective or responsive to its environment. McMansions are a nationwide phenomenon but it is at its worst here where there is hostility to history and a strong penchant for gaudiness, conspicuous consumption and outright crassness. If it was just bad taste and hostility toward historical precedent it would not be THAT bad. Vernacular forms of architecture tend to be much more energy efficient. In Miami there seems to be a hostitlity towards trees as a cultural thing made the worse because huge homes on tiny lots. Unfortunately few cities in Dade are willing to enforce the sort of architectural and development guidelines that are needed.

  2. Art Carnage    Thu Feb 2, 12:06 PM #  

    I like everything about McMansions, particularly the respect they symbolize for the integrity of the neighborhoods they occupy. Then again, I hate architecture.