Wednesday February 1, 2006

Puppies used to smuggle drugs

Ever since the fiberglass plaintains, I’ve kept an eye on the DEA drug-bust brag site. Today I was sorry: these soulless bastards surgically implanted heroin into puppies to smuggle it into the US from Columbia. Three kilograms worth of liquid heroin, in plastic baggies, were found distributed among six puppies (that’s about a pount each) in 2005; the investigation has only now wrapped up, which is why the information is being released.

Three of the puppies (mostly Labrador Retrivers) died after the packets were removed. It’s almost like they were trying to be evil on purpose, right? I mean, puppies. The mind boggles.

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  1. Rico Tubbs    Wed Feb 1, 10:39 PM #  

    See it in the headlines, you hear it every day

    They say they’re gonna stop it but it doesn’t go away

    They move it through Miami, sell it in L.A.

    They hide it up in Telluride, I mean it’s here to stay

  2. Mohandas Ghandi    Thu Feb 2, 12:10 AM #  

    The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

  3. The Python    Thu Feb 2, 09:01 AM #  

    The ones that survive, as adults they’ll be great tossed in the pits with the hogs! The ones that don’t, well, shit, I’ll take ‘em!

  4. jojo    Thu Feb 2, 12:27 PM #  

    this is grimm news

  5. Rollo Nickels    Thu Feb 2, 02:19 PM #  

    What’s with all the dogs in the news all of a sudden? Pig-eating dogs, drug smuggling dogs, and before that, Janet Reno singing. What’s next? Pluto?

  6. Columbia    Tue Feb 28, 11:56 AM #  

    I think it’s spelled Colombia – sorry, that’s a pet peeve of mine.