Thursday January 26, 2006

Roses for Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson is the Miami lawyer who’s led the war agains what he considers inappropriately violent video games (despite the fact that they make kids smarter). He’s gotten pretty famous declaring the evils of Grand Theft Auto (admittedly, a video game with some issues), often appearing on national media.

Well. This does not make him popular with the online crowd, as you can imagine. Rather then the standard hatemail approach, though, his legion enemies have begun a campaign to send him flowers. There is some sort of rationale behind this, but the Flowers for Jack website will explain it better then I ever could. Naturally, Flowers for Jack has a blog. I gather that they’ve raised about $1,500 so far, $650 of which will go to buy roses to be delivered to Thompson’s office, while the rest will go to the charity Penny Arcade’s Child’s Play. The deadline to make donations is Friday night; watch the blog for updates – they’re trying to get media to cover the delivery.

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  1. Lois Terms    Thu Jan 26, 08:22 PM #  

    Flowers for a Blooming Idiot? Terrific!!

  2. Hugh Bris    Fri Jan 27, 09:39 AM #  

    Roses, hell. Send him the thorns and detailed directions to his pink little ass.