Tuesday January 24, 2006

Winter Tuesday linkiage

Robert Annable on the tower of the Herald building

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  1. john    Tue Jan 24, 01:19 AM #  

    Hell of a post. This may be the linking/update post of the year.(We do have 11 more months to go.)

    FTAA: We now have leftist governments that oppose the FTAA in Bolivia, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela and lead candidate in Peru is Chavez’s buddy Ollanta Humala. (Toledo terms out April.) I mean that would leave us with Columbia as the only nation in South America that supports the EXISTENCE of FTAA, much less a Miami HQ. (Trinidad had been the front runner.)Rest my case.

    Of the same mind- Michael Lewis, whom I had dismissed as a spineless shill is representin’! Books and Books- Timoney, ACLU and (spit, phooey)Feidler?(not sure with the link). Books and Books keeps coming thru with great speakers. Sunpost might be the new New Times, Rebecca and Omar get finger snaps. Overtown US pics and blog, more snaps.

    Not sure about-Defede went bad, became a hack (look at his blatantly unfair coverage Alvarez/Morales mayoral contest. Karma.) MIC being scaled back is GOOD? Don’t understand Alesh? Cuz it is a giant slush fund in the making?

  2. alesh    Tue Jan 24, 07:19 AM #  

    Sorry, John; you got to the post before all the kinks were out. The Books and Books link is fixed now.

    I’ve always loved the sun post, even back before they had Rebecca and Omar (who are both great). Their web site gives me the fucking fits, though, because any new article has a different link then it will have when it goes into the archives. That is so fucking 1998; it means my links to their stories either break after a week, or I have to go back and search through their archives and edit my old stories. That makes me link to them much less then I otherwise might. Boy oh boy do they need to fix that.

    And yes, the Overtown Blog, which I didn’t link to directly, is an eye-opener. I still have no idea what the MIC is for, but I wish they’d ditch it, and do as I say.

  3. Christian Cipriani    Tue Jan 24, 11:44 AM #  

    hey cheers for quoting me, it’s my first miami mention. my head is swelling with pride :)

  4. ««    Wed Jan 25, 10:53 PM #  

    Hey I know Jipsy!