Monday January 2, 2006

Very early Tuesday morning linkiage

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  1. The Python    Tue Jan 3, 12:50 PM #  

    I watched the vid—so what’s your problem with Katherine Harris? She’s my kind of people!

  2. Kent Standit    Tue Jan 3, 01:02 PM #  

    Congrats to Franklin! Not bad for a guy who wrote:

    The reason Miami has such a poor intellectual life is because people don’t have to spend prolonged amounts of time in their homes, thus being subjected to their own company, and obliged to become interesting to themselves: reading, thinking, creating. (see Comments in the post “Cold Pussy,” below)

    Guess they found that insight wise and profound up there in frostbit Boston.

  3. Franklin    Tue Jan 3, 07:51 PM #  

    I admit it – I was overreaching. Now I’m looking for a link between warm weather and a juvenile fondness for sarcasm, but I think that it may just be inherent in some people.

  4. Kent Standit    Tue Jan 3, 08:53 PM #  

    Godspeed on your search, Franklin, and keep us informed. We have every faith in you, particularly as you’ve already established a causal connection between warm weather and thin skin.

  5. Franklin    Tue Jan 3, 09:50 PM #  

    So, what do you do, Kent? I mean, besides posting on CM under a variety of mildly amusing punned pseudonyms.

  6. Kent Standit    Tue Jan 3, 10:33 PM #  

    Oh, dear, Franklin, it’s so sad when it all gets personal past my bed time. Shirley, this can wait until tomorrow. I and my “mildly amusing punned pseudonyms” (whatever they are) require our beauty sleep….....

  7. Franklin    Tue Jan 3, 11:17 PM #  

    Indeed, it must be tiring, cravenly hurling brickbats from behind a wall of anonymity. Goodnight, Kent.

  8. Kent Standit    Wed Jan 4, 08:39 AM #  

    G’day! Franklin posed the following query: “So, what do you do, Kent? I mean, besides posting on CM under a variety of mildly amusing punned pseudonyms”.

    Answer: Like Franklin, I am making art. Sadly, though, and apparently unlike Franklin, I am having fun. The “amusing punned pseudonyms” he refers to must be “Kent Standit,” a stage name I use with my company “Kent Standit, N.E. Moore.” That’s who you’re blogging with, Franklin, not some anonymous poster…..then again, it’s evident that Franklin really isn’t blogging with anybody other than Franklin. Which is fine. All of us enjoy you thoroughly.

    Lighten up! Besides, you’re due for a cold front at the end of the week, time for intellectually challenged south Floridians “to become interesting to themselves: reading, thinking, creating”. As you noted.

  9. Lois Terms    Wed Jan 4, 08:53 AM #  

    Sweet Jesus in pj’s! Franklin, Kent—will you two knock it off and just rent a room??

  10. Franklin    Thu Jan 5, 12:32 AM #  

    While I like how Lois ended this conversation, I want to add that I’m having fun making art as well. But don’t take my word for it: check out this or this recent effort and decide for yourself. Then go check out Kent’s work and… wait… you can’t. Never mind.

    Kent, you seemed like a smart guy. I wouldn’t have gotten into it with you otherwise – why match wits with the unarmed? Then you brought up my bit about the weather again, after I retracted it. Now you seem like just another sarcastic nut, so I yield the last word to you. If I’m blogging with myself, prove it by not responding.

  11. Kent Standit    Thu Jan 5, 11:37 AM #  

    Hooooey! That Franklin —too clever by half, yes? Or peut-etre just half clevair? Turns out he’s not blogging to himself after all, he’s performing. Nothing wrong with that—forget the room,Lois: get the man a stage.

    And just for the record, not only can the art I make be appreciated (or not), chances are excellent you’ve already seen it: I ghostwrite, but I’m contractually prohibited to identify clients. Interested parties may contact me (or my partner, N.E. Moore) directly—hey, Alesh, am I allowed this on your show?—at the email above.