Saturday November 26, 2005

SoFla blog scene picks up steam

Sorry to bug you with a nother post about Miami blogs, but there’s lots going on. We’re going to sail through it, and then lay off the blogs for awhile; fair enough? (BTW, we’re much more interested in blogs about Miami, not just bloggers who happen to be in Miami).

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  1. Rick    Sat Nov 26, 10:43 PM #  

    Thanks for the mention, Alesh. Still trying to get used to the new digs.

  2. fin    Sun Nov 27, 12:05 PM #  

    I’ll post big fat pictures again soon…I was at the stupid dentist so all I had was the camera on my cell phone. Thanks for reading my bloggy.

  3. Matt Heller    Mon Nov 28, 09:29 PM #  

    Thanks for listing “Hella Frisch,” and I admit that the template is hideous. Sometimes the truth hurts. I’ll check out the others on your list, maybe they will inspire me to improve my packaging.

  4. Priyanshu    Mon May 29, 12:06 PM # is a blog for Miami-Dade’s newest town Cutler Bay