Wednesday November 16, 2005

Maybe this would be a good time to get the trucks off the beach

This is an ATV. They’re really great for getting around off-road (say, on the beach), they allow the driver excellent visibility, and their fat tires exert very low per-square inch pressure downward. All of this makes it much more difficult to kill someone by running them over with one, then if you’re driving, say, a one and a half ton Ford Explorer. Yet that’s what City of Miami Beach employees continue to drive on the beach. After one person was killed and another injured in 2003 (the European tourists, remember?), the city changed the rules, so these trucks can only operate west of the garbage cans. But people keep getting run over: this time, a 19 year old girl who, thankfully, survived.

Here’s an idea: how about removing all the trucks from the beach? This was a life guard on his way somewhere. Would a mountain bike not have worked? Or one of those ATV’s? Let’s make a compromise: let the guys who make one run down the beach pick up the trash in the mornings use a truck. After that, keep the trucks in the street.


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  1. Tanya Hyde    Sat Nov 26, 04:41 PM #  

    The fewer vehicles on the beach the better. Engine-powered devices simply don’t belong, at least not when there are people out there. Tanning is serious business, and running motors disturb the vibe.