Wednesday November 16, 2005

How not to win friends and influence people

Considering that Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Art’s regular admission of $12 is being more then doubled (to $25) for the King Tut exhibition, we were exited to see this envelope appear in our mailbox. That’s right folks – two free tickets to the King Tut exhibition the whole world is talking about. The exitement took a turn towards irritationville, though, when we opened the envelope and learned that the pair of tickets is “free” after you purchase a $150 membership. Oops!

Now, whoever thinks this sort of marketing approach is a good idea (high-speed internet providers are notorious for this sort of thing), listen here: YOU ARE FUCKING WITH OUR HEADS. This is your audience talking, and we do not appreciate it. Our chances of ponying up to see Tutankhamun just took a dip toward the chilly.

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  1. The Daily Sketch    Thu Nov 17, 10:48 AM #  

    I got the same invitation and had the exact same thoughts. Here I thought “Wow…I’ve never even been to this museum. What a perfect chance to visit.”

    Then I read the fine print and threw it in the trash. What a great 1st impression. [/sarcasm]

  2. Art Carnage    Thu Nov 17, 11:23 PM #  

    Why is this exhibition on display at a museum to begin with? It’s a carnival act, a freak show. It belongs next to the blind geek biting the heads off live chickens and the bearded lady. It’s cockfighting for the middle class. Set it up at the AAA between basketball games. If you call this “art,” make mine butter pecan.