Wednesday November 9, 2005

Critical Miami in the news

This is all stuff we meant to tell you about yesterday, but plumb forgot. Critical has gotten mention at the Blog Herald for making fun of Miamist, and at Bloggers Blog for our crack post-hurricane coverage. The graph above shows search terms on the blog for yesterday. Finally got up a new about page (the old one is here). And, oh yeah, our shit is now validating (still working on the CSS though). Also, since your humble author is starting work at MPAC Monday, we’re yanking their picture off the masthead (yeah, yeah, it’s not really a masthead, whatever). One of these days that picture is going to rotate . . .


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  1. MagicJuan    Wed Nov 9, 08:27 AM #  

    fyi, Miami University is in Ohio, not Florida.

  2. ...............!...    Wed Nov 9, 11:52 PM #  

    critical miami needs to stop linking to sites that go to validation error pages. also, stop posting about blogging. we know the herald is aware of critical miami and should blog about more than that.