Monday November 7, 2005

Upside down tuesday linkiage

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  1. Saul Over    Tue Nov 8, 10:24 PM #  

    Great idea—tear out the palm trees. Why stop there? Tear out ALL the trees, and erect lightweight aluminum structures which we could commission colonies of artists (like MSG Newness) to paint to LOOK like trees. Storm warning? Take them down, fold ‘em up, and truck ‘em off to the nearest garage. Tear out all the grass, and all the other landscaping as well. Pave Miami over and just fucking paint it. Paint Paint Paint!! Who needs living vegetation anyway? It just fucks up the condo construction sites, attracts mosquitoes, and irritates allergies. Plastic plants work fine: plastic, cement, and aluminum. And paint! That’s the way to make this a safe, livable environment. FPL would approve, and think of all the artists and painters we’d attract!

  2. Salomon    Wed Nov 9, 09:11 AM #  

    I wouldnt mind other parts of Miami looking like Coral Gables or the nice shaded section of Coral Way.

  3. cabi sucks    Thu Nov 10, 11:16 AM #  

    hey trees

    get in the way of condos,they are evil and must be destroyed, i use to live across from the roads publix and they knocked down not just my building but the whole block.

    fuck cabi developers.

    have a nice day