Friday October 14, 2005

Best $3 meal

This is a project we’ve been working on for awhile, but after multiple trips to Taco Bell and the Wendy’s dollar menu, and experiments involving ramen noodles and tofu from Publix, we are prepared to award this coveted crown to the Texas Taco Factory chicken burrito. The thing comes from the kitchen a monster: three times the size of a Taco Hell burrioto and packed with fresh ingredients (including grilled chicken breast), it’s delicious straight out of the foil.

The trick, though, is to ask for a plate, pop the burriot on it, and douse it liberally with items from their 12 item condiment bar. Wow: cilantro, chopped tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, and lime wedges, a half dozen different salsas and sauces. It’s going to be christmas for your taste buds (if you don’t like it spicy, careful with the green stuff).

At $2.79, you’re on your own with a beverage (they’ll give you water if you ask nice), and while high-quality plastic utensils are provided (speaking of which, did you ever notice the flimsy-ass utensils at Pollo Tropical? Our theory is that Pollo has some sort of creepy inter-continental social-engineer plot to get Americans to eat chicken on the bone with their fingers. They give you delicious chicken and sub-par utensils, almost requiring you to pick up the poultry to get all your morsels. Plus, unmentioned on the menu, every meal comes with a little roll; maybe to get you in the frame of mind of touching your food?), bringing your own metal silverware may not be a bad idea.

[Link to video of your author snarfing one of these down (11mb .avi file)]

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  1. Tanya Hyde    Fri Oct 14, 05:10 PM #  

    Is that what you look like? You poor dear, you’ve the pallor of a flounder’s underbelly. This is Florida! Get some sun. It’s cheaper than a $3 lunch, and better for you.

  2. I Don't Know    Sat Oct 15, 04:14 AM #  

    It’s the hardy Czech blood. Alesh is immune to cold and the sun and can digest metal – which is helpful considering all the tinfoil he inevitably consumed ravaging that chicken sack.

  3. Hugo    Sat Oct 15, 01:06 PM #  

    What my friends and I do is we share the family meals – split between 3 or 4. We end up paying like $4 per person for some real steak. We load up on the condiments as well ;)