Friday October 7, 2005

Great big weekend

You wouldn’t know it by checking the recently redesigned website, but dorsch gallery is having an opening this saturday. MAC continues it’s apparently neverending series of series of events with a movie tonight and a band tomorrow (they’ve assured us that they’re working on making the web site a little easier to use).

Most of all, though, we have the beginning of the Miami World Theater Festival, with a selection of free and paid ($25-$75). Miami Beach 411 says ” . . .the most prestigious theater companies of the world will make Miami their meeting place. They are: Rafael Amargo of Spain, Les Deux Mondes of Canada, Theatre Tattoo and Groupe F of France, Strange Fruit of Australia . . .,” while the Herald is concerned that nobody will come.

More: Maximum Dance Company’s season begins; at Books and Books, a talk about Jack Kerouac in Florida; Global Lens, a festival of films from developing nations; this Tiki thing , which looks great, but has a site which is, like, totaly down as of this writing.

Update: An Italian Film Festival (thanks Maggie!).

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  1. m benitez    Fri Oct 7, 01:47 PM #  

    there is also an italian film festival going on. the opening was last night and it runs through until the 11th.