Tuesday October 4, 2005

Tuesday morning linkiage, statewide edition

Hey, y’all, our state Attorney General has a blog. Um, sort of. And if you said “he must be running for something,” give yourself some bonus points (via Sayfie).

What are florida developers killing this week? How about manitees?

Dimitri Saïd Chamy is building the new Miami Light Project site. There are some broken links and whatnot right now, but it looks like it’s going to be impressive.

Check out these photos by Onajídé Shabaka.

Entertaining: Florida News has been calling up random FL congressmen and bugging them about taking that money Tom DeLay’s been indicted for.

Doing anything? Go help these nice folks sort books. You might snag a couple of good ones for yourself?

Janaína Reis, 17 years old and from Brasil. Killed by her 22 year old boyfriend.

Didja know that the Drudge Report is based out of South Beach?

Huh? Save the Biltmore?? Oh, they’re not really talking about this Biltmore. Our Biltmore doesn’t need savin’.

Franklin is simultaneously exited and horrified about Bodies: The Exhibition.

What did we think of the Elian interview, you ask? Actually, we sort of agree with 26th Parallell’s take, and with only a slightly lesser sense of weariness.

One more: Check it out: This is broken picked up our Bellsouth rant.

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  1. ......!    Wed Oct 5, 12:22 AM #  

    Onajídé Shabaka’s pctures are WEAK! weak…damn, how bland and what a reproachable attempt!

  2. alesh    Wed Oct 5, 12:30 AM #  

    Incorrect. Some of them are sublime, but more importantly, they can be read in sequence, as a single statement. They were powerful for me when I saw them that way.

  3. ......!    Wed Oct 5, 09:38 AM #  

    did you see these in person? it’s the only way these could be even considered artful…! they’re easy and flat, and wear the black card a little TOO prominently on their sleeve. and about the sequence, well that’s just illegible!

  4. Fauxtography    Wed Oct 5, 07:41 PM #  

    Shabaka’s picture are so fucking atrocious that they might be kind of good. In that outsider, tactless, naive kind of way, of course.

  5. Art Carnage    Wed Oct 5, 11:59 PM #  

    Well, I liked them. They remind me of my favorite poker-playing dogs posters.