Tuesday September 27, 2005

Tuesday morning linkiage

Robert critiques the Marlins.

T.C. Boyle at Books & Books tonight.

Frances listens to acorns.

Gus agrees with us about immigration policy.

Bickering on the set of Miami Vice.

Looking forward to the Ana Mendita exhibition opening at MAM this weekend.

Tortoises are in danger from our development (this is something different from the problems sea turtles face).

Praise God: There are no tropical cyclones in the Atlantic at this time.

Update: w/r/t the Tortoises, it gets worse. This is from the Duval County schools site (from last year, but still)(emphasis ours):

Since 1988, when the last gopher tortoise was legally plunged into a Florida stew pot, there have been reports of gopher shells bearing the marks of butchering. A dozen in a backyard, a few in an abandoned citrus grove. But nothing like what Eric Holt saw last week in Leesburg. More than 200 tortoise shells, some whole and others shattered, were piled densely among rotting leaves and trash in some woods off U.S. 27. Holt’s boss, the owner of a construction firm, was cutting a road through the area when he stopped to call his employee, who breeds turtles as a hobby. Holt quickly identified them as gophers, a state-defined “species of special concern” that developers can either relocate alive, or plow over their burrows and pay into state-regulated “mitigation banks” of habitat elsewhere. Neither of these legal alternatives is cheap, and they can delay building projects for months.

Ugly stuff.

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  1. Kathleen    Tue Sep 27, 10:24 AM #  

    The image of the Gopher tortoises entombed alive under pavement is horrible.