Tuesday September 27, 2005


The only thing shittier then this invite is the art on it. Actually, nevermind. It’s all ass. Print and design by starshootersmia, who should be ashamed (their web site indicates that graphic design is not their specialty, in which case they should stay away from it alltogether).

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  1. Art Carnage    Tue Sep 27, 02:15 PM #  

    Well, I like it. But I hate art.

  2. ART    Tue Sep 27, 06:47 PM #  

    why don’t you just kill yourself and get it over with then. your breathing my air.

  3. otto    Tue Sep 27, 10:16 PM #  

    The invite really makes the art look worse than it is… what is really sad is that they can support that high rent for the corner storefront on 40th street… which means sombody is buying.

  4. Salomon    Wed Sep 28, 07:56 AM #  

    That art is no different from what I’ve seen from some artists in msg newness.

  5. j-MAN    Wed Sep 28, 12:28 PM #  

    Seeing is one thing
    Understanding, another.
    Salomon, Go back to T.V. land-

  6. ART    Wed Sep 28, 12:49 PM #  

    I must admit that this art is bad. even if you like painting no maker how you cut it.

  7. The Daily Sketch    Wed Sep 28, 02:19 PM #  

    Agreed. The postcard needs help. I’ll make my own conclusions about the art once I get to see it in person ala non-angled. Sometimes it looks like crap on flyers and rocks in person.

  8. antler boy    Wed Sep 28, 04:27 PM #  

    but they do have an open bar…

  9. I Don't Know    Wed Sep 28, 04:47 PM #  

    It’s sofa art. Get over it, big deal. You didn’t know that anything “fusion” is always really shitty.

    I feel bad for them, there most certainly are parents involved, or something. Lovingly tacky and thoughtless people.

    Yeah, those msg newness people are fucking posers.

  10. cohen    Wed Sep 28, 08:29 PM #  

    whoever would like to figh me KENNJETH COHEN, let me know because all though we may suck i will kick your poser ass all over 305, belive that

  11. I Don't Know    Thu Sep 29, 03:20 PM #  

    Maybe msg should make some “extreme” video of you fighting critics.


  12. All Though    Thu Sep 29, 03:38 PM #  

    Beliv me, Kennjeth Cohen,i’ll figh you!

  13. cohen    Fri Sep 30, 12:25 AM #  

    bitch, when and where? you best come strapped!

  14. b clear    Fri Sep 30, 10:12 AM #  

    you guys all suck,get your burn noses ready

    bassel time

  15. Fauxtography    Fri Sep 30, 11:47 AM #  

    “Bassel”? Is that a “tassel” fair you fucking douche?

  16. Art Carnage    Fri Sep 30, 01:41 PM #  

    Wow. Terrific arts dialogue. Spophisticated, educated, insightful. Very Miami. Personally, I like it a lot, but then again, I despise intelligence.

  17. cohen    Sat Oct 1, 02:25 AM #  

    so who wants to fight, or maybe your affraid of cohen, kicking your shitty ass

  18. oh boy    Sun Oct 2, 11:50 PM #  

    not to vear off topic or anything but in talking about this show it was surprisingly packed with people! despite the $10 admission there were so many strangers who seemed to like being there!

    now about the art, if you thought you were going to see a bunch of REPEATS, you got it! a bunch of stuff you’ve seen before that either is mediocre at best, or the throw outs of the litter….actually, there was also stuff you wish you’d never laid eyes on!

    albeit, t’ was an enlightening experience, as i would’ve never thought there was an ART show that could yield complete profitability.

  19. arnold FROM W/sanoma    Mon Oct 3, 01:03 PM #  

    La sucia!!!!!! was there
    0MFG !!!!!!!!!!!

  20. oh boy    Mon Oct 3, 08:17 PM #  

    arnold FROM W/sanoma”

    what are you saying?

  21. oh yay!    Mon Oct 3, 09:53 PM #  

    yay! 22 postings mostly about nothing. because we are 21rst centaury nihilist! at lease we can agree to talk about nothing feel nothing care about nothing and have nothing in our brains. yay!

  22. Nihilist Centaur    Tue Oct 4, 12:37 AM #  

    fuc u

  23. oh boy    Tue Oct 4, 01:57 AM #  

    i was talking about something else completely! didn’t even think about this show, i mean i didn’t know this was even happening. jesus, i have to pay more attention! i was talking about the rover friday thing, curated by jane heart (sp?) for which the invite was equally horrendous!

  24. arnold from willy sanoma    Tue Oct 4, 12:24 PM #  

    but la sucia!!!!!! was there bro,you dont understand
    it was hot fuego con pan
    i dont know nihilist,is he from la havana???

  25. Zak Attak    Wed Oct 5, 05:02 PM #  

    hmm, i find all of these postings to be kinda phunny. all except for that one comparing msg newness to the flyer. there is nothing funny about that at all. no, really. don’t make me fly down there and kick some ass! i’ll tie you up with masking tape and make a cute little $ELLABLE painting out of you. actually, lets just have a BATTLE!!! msg/newness vs. all you little hating bitches. weve already won.

  26. cohen    Thu Oct 6, 10:33 PM #  

    again, who wants to fight,

  27. The Alligator and the Python    Thu Oct 6, 10:43 PM #  

    BOTH of US, you puny humanoid lint! C’mon out to the ‘Glades!!

  28. Nihilist Centaur    Fri Oct 7, 04:24 PM #  

    No way anybody could win against a python with an alligator inside of it.

  29. ......!    Fri Oct 7, 05:10 PM #  

    yes way. a filled python is a killed python. and the alligator, well the python took care of that.

  30. Zak Attak    Fri Oct 7, 06:34 PM #  

    i ate an alligator once. then i ate a python. then, i shit myself….

  31. Muscovy Duck    Mon Oct 10, 10:15 AM #  

    Hey, me too. Then again, I ALWAYS shit myself.