Friday September 23, 2005

Critical Miami hates YOU

That’s right, you. We’ve just learned that MIA played I/O Lounge this past Sunday. Somehow, this information slipped though the cracks of our event management system. We rely on our thousands of readers to serve as backup to this system, letting us know about good shit that’s going on.

You guys let us down; we know that lots of you saw MIA (one of the most import artists of our time) on Sunday. That you couldn’t find the time to drop us an e-mail is a true dissapointment.

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  1. Harlan Erskine    Fri Sep 23, 11:08 AM #  

    sorry about that. The show was great. Also Prefuse 73 played a fantastic show the night before. I’ll try to give you advanced warning next time. Speeking of advanced warnings there is a Roving Fridays in Wynwood this next Friday, September 30th 7pm onwards. at 203 nw 36th street.

  2. Zak Attak    Sun Sep 25, 09:46 AM #  

    “one of the most important artists of our time????” this sounds like someone is either working for pitchfork or her label. sure, i can’t help but move my but as her voice sexes up those beats, but i do that when i hear “fly tetas” also; aint nobody calling jose cheena one of the best artists of our time. i only hope she will not fall by way of the all too often disposable genre we know as dance music. long live c&c music factory!!!!

  3. alesh    Sun Sep 25, 09:26 PM #  

    Good point . . . “of our time” makes more sense if you think on the scale of months, not decades.

  4. news for old people    Mon Sep 26, 02:24 AM #  

    sweat records is having a bigass party with low budget this sat – he is two degrees away from ms. sexy mia ‘cause he’s in hollertonix which is her boyfriend diplo too. info is on the sweaat site, which deserves a link on CM me thinks. xo.