Thursday September 15, 2005

Ye olde MPAC update

And here we were getting all exited about our new PAC, when the Herald has to come and dump a bunch of coal in our stocking. First we have the price (which we reported earlier as already vastly overblown) going up by another $34 million. Holy smokes!

But you see, in a project as complex as this, $34 million is not that much, really. County Manager George Burgess says so:

“Some of our estimates were low . . . I don’t think this is an issue of miscalculation at all,” Burgess said. “This is probably one of the most complex construction jobs in the country today.”

Ah. Thanks George. How complex? Well, one source of complexity is where people are going to park. The Herald article refers to this as a “gnawing issue.” Apparently the best solution going is to build a garage underground. This has never been done in South Florida (and anyone who lives here knows why: you only have to dig about two feet before you hit water!), but luckily the guys with the plan are from out of town, so we’re sure they’ve got a plan. Meanwhile, “an underground garage can cost at least 25 percent to 40 percent more than above-ground—and it may not be effectively sealed from leaks or flooding.”

In the end, we’re sure it’s going to be great. In fact, there is plenty of available space for parking around the PAC, and the only question is how the most possible revenue can be wrung from every last square foot, a mission we wholeheartedly support. But we will be curious to see what the average guest will pay for parking in the Center’s first couple of years of oparation. From the sound of things, it is not likely to be cheap.

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  1. Salomon    Fri Sep 16, 10:46 PM #  

    underground parking in miami? hah! why not make a parking lot in the air instead!