Wednesday September 14, 2005

Living with assholes

Carl Zablotny, after his attack. image from It’s bad enough that we live in a country where it’s considered controversial to give gay couples equal rights as straights. Now we have a resurgence of actual violence and other overt discrimination against gays right here on Miami Beach, supposedly a world famous gay-friendly place. This crap makes us want to scream: there are real problems in the world, and our society is so ass-backwards that we have to worry about cowards (and it is always two or more guys against one) picking on people different from them.

Some homophobes have semi-legitimate Bible-based reasons for their misguided beliefs, some can be reasoned with, and some are just grossed out by something they perceive as being different from themselves. People who attack others are not of any of these categories – they’re just plain assholes. The only thing we can do is refuse to tolerate their presence. Shaquille O’Neal, of all people, found himself in a position to do just that the other day. He called the cops and followed the assholes to make sure they got arrested.

We implore anyone who sees any sort of crime to report it to the police. But when it involves senseless violence against the innocent… actually, it would be nice if the next time something like this happened a bunch of people around turned on the attackers and gave them a taste of their own, but you didn’t hear that from us. And Shaq, as far as we’re concerned, all is forgiven about the flood lights.

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  1. Franklin    Thu Sep 15, 11:40 AM #  

    This just blows. Forgive me, but I would really enjoy watching Shaq take out some homophobe.

    And I’d pay good money to watch Shaq take out Cafeteria. Listen, people: unless you’re headed to Trattoria da Leo or Doraku, you’re wasting your dining-out dollars on Lincoln Road. The other restaraunts know that their clientelle consists mostly of tourists who may never come back, and their service and food show it. Cafeteria got slammed by the food writer for the New Times for its horrendous service when it first opened. Supposedly they pulled it together, but if they’re up to the crap described above, nobody ought to be eating there, gay or straight.

  2. alesh    Thu Sep 15, 02:01 PM #  

    Yeah. When I ate there, the service was fine until more then three tables filled up. After that it was like pulling teeth to get our waiter’s attention.

  3. Salomon    Fri Sep 16, 11:38 PM #  

    this guy looks like the average cuban. He was probably coked up

  4. Sean    Mon Sep 19, 03:17 PM #  

    Nice, Saloman. He looks like “the average Cuban” and he was “probably coked up.” So you write like “the average blogger.” You’re probably fucked up.