Sunday September 11, 2005

In regards to last night

[Contributed by Isabel Moros]

It was a bust! There was an insane thunderstorm that prevented us from looking at art in the hipper galleries, aka rocket projects. We missed people playing video games, which apparently was very rewarding for those in search of entertainment. where we did go, B. Steinbaum, there were some delicious cakes that were a little too sweet if you ate the frosting, otherwise they also were satisfying.

The rest of the show evaded me, as there were too many people shielding themselves from the storm and riding these s&m-like, swinging seats that were upholstered in a variety of fluffy materials and intended to appeal to a general sense of sexuality and nihilistic tendencies . . . I was there for 10 seconds and really just wanted to kill everyone, i didn’t look at the video, or inspect anything closely as there were people throwing oversized balloons at my head. Either way there was more to the cakes than anything else and it seemed that T. Diehl was trying too hard to impress us with materials and atmospheric manipulation that in the end was more of a distraction than anything else.

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  1. cohen    Sun Sep 11, 08:27 PM #  

    will isabel moros if you dont like it you dont have to go

  2. The Daily Sketch    Mon Sep 12, 03:44 PM #  

    I walked in, saw the rabbits and furry, dangling balls and poof the lights went out. Electricity died across the block and I took off. I barely made it to my car dry. :) But from what little I saw, it seemed interesting.