Friday September 9, 2005


Of all the galleries in Miami, the invite mailing list to be on is Bernice Steinbaum’s. Years ago, she began to distinguish her gallery by sending out lavishly printed and die-cut invitations, each one a little more fancy then the previous. At some point other materials, such as fabric, came into play (many of her pieces from that period were particularly nice). Lately, we’ve seen a move into trinkets. The invitation too the “Mirror Mirror” show included a real little mirror, another invite included a tinny disposable camera (with film)! Now we get this gold lollipop bunny in a shiny wrapper and a glossy pink card. Yum. But ok, let’s be serious.

The invite is for Teresa Diehl’s solo show, “The Return of Pleasure.” Diehl, who teaches photography at BCC (from what we’ve herad, to say her teaching style is “intense” is an understatement), is known for walking the creepy/sublime line. What’s she done with Steinbaum’s first floor? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Elsewhere on Saturday
Tons of stuff. See Franklin’s list, or maybe Onajide’s is more to your taste? Especially worth note is Peggy’s installation at Dorsch (!), TM Sisters at Rocket, and COOPER’s “Black Lung” at Snitzer. We made Snitzer’s staff crazy trying to get a picture of the latter piece, so it would be silly not to use it (thanks, Tyler!):

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