Friday September 2, 2005

Ambrosino, this past Wednesday!

Oh yeah . . . we were supposed to tell you about this. A few of our friends had an opening at Ambrosino; originally scheduled for last Friday, then rescheduled for this Wednesday. Shit came up and we didn’t write about it or make to the show. The picture above (dino and jenny seven am) is by Hugo Montoya; others in the show (all photographers) include Ben Carrillo, Harlan Erskine (his “Affordable Houses” appear in the show), Hugo Zanzi, Sara Padgett, and Holly Lynton.

The last time Hugo had a show it was at FIU, and that was on a Tuesday. What the fuck is up with the receptions in the middle of the week? Can someone talk to Ambrosino and maybe throw a closing reception on a Friday or something? In the meantime, go check out the show.

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  1. Franklin    Sat Sep 3, 09:25 AM #  

    You remember how we had a hurricane last week? It bumped the opening, which was orginally scheduled for Friday.

  2. The Daily Sketch    Sun Sep 4, 10:51 AM #  

    Total agreement on the midday openings. I can never make ‘em.