Thursday September 1, 2005


We’re straying way off topic here, but hang in for one more post. What will become of New Orleans? People are trying to help, but more is needed. Artblog recomends giving to Mercy Corps and Craft Emergency Relief Fund. BoingBoing has a series of cooky suggestions. Frances is worried about the animals.

In situations like this, though, the smart money goes to organizations that have a high ratio of money that goes to help people vs. money that goes to administration and fundraising. The American Red Cross is the old standby, but they’re also the ones doing the most help in the field right now. And please, do not earmark your donations to help Katrina victims specifically; all that does is tie their hands. What if something even worse happens tomorrow and the Red Cross can’t use its money to help people who need it most?

OK, now get those checkbooks and credit cards going.

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  1. Kathleen    Thu Sep 1, 04:47 PM #  

    New Orleans seems to be a living nightmare now. It is terribly terribly sad.

  2. alesh    Thu Sep 1, 10:08 PM #  

    the mayor took 1,500 police officers off search-n-rescue and put them on looting crackdown. Now, I understand that the lawlessness cannot be allowed to spiral (shooting at a helicopter evacuating a hospital is a last straw if i ever heard one), but is it really the end of the world if some of the poorest people in the country to steal some food, or, god forbid, even some electronics? They’ve probably lost everything they had, the stuff is probably insured, and everyone involved is lucky if they’re alive…

    If i was living some dirt-poor, miserable existence in some shit-hole in Louisiana, and a hurricane destroyed what little I had . . . hell, I, too might turn to a little looting to ease the pain (or hunger).

    Keep in mind, too, that in the poorest state in the union there is not much of a public mental health care system – many of the people we’re talking about may very well have been troubled to begin with. The sense of anomie that something like this creates is just the sort of thing to push one over the edge.

  3. President George W. Bush    Fri Sep 2, 10:04 AM #  

    I would have been there sooner,
    but I wanted to finish reading My Pet Goat II.

  4. Detroit    Fri Sep 2, 11:33 AM #  

    Considering the eerie similarities emerging, we propose to adopt New Orleans as our Sister City. An identical twin, in fact.