Saturday August 20, 2005

A Prairie Home Companion

We’re guessing most Critical Miami readers have never heard of A Prairie Home Companion, which might be the quintesentially unhip NPR show. To be sure, it’s an aquired taste. But since WLRN generously plays it twice a week (6 pm on Saturdays and noon on Sundays), it’s an easy taste to aquire. The show broadcast from Miami is a pretty good place to jump in, and you can catch a repeat of it this very weekend. It’s radio for old people that non-old people should get hip to.

Real Audio of the entire show is available here (another older episode from Miami here).

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  1. mkh    Tue Aug 23, 11:49 PM #  

    Damn, does this mean I have a shot an being a quintessential something? It’s about time!

  2. Miami Harold    Wed Aug 24, 09:59 PM #  

    “Prairie Home Companion” epitomizes everything wrong with:
    1. NPR
    2. Garrison Keillor, and
    3. Midwestern America in general.
    When this flavorless, humorless comedy,
    featuring bland, slow-paced, hokey, corn-fed themes,
    doesn’t actually lull the listener into a lobotomized glaze
    characteristic of the entire region south of International Falls
    between the Mississippi and the Rockies,
    it manages to infuriate for its sheer maddening unfunniness.
    Keillor and his crew of edgeless, hee-yuking goobers
    are the flat beer, Muzak, and unsalted chips
    of an outmoded radio world
    best left to nostalgic misremembrance
    or (better yet) glass-eyed senility.
    Spare me this tripe.
    I’m not dead yet.

  3. Helen Keller    Tue Aug 30, 05:28 PM #  

    Prairie Home Companion is the funniest show I’ve ever heard, and Garrison Keillor is the handsomest man I’ve ever seen.