Sunday August 14, 2005


Great fun at the Dorsch fundraiser last night. Unconfirmed reports have Gustavo Matamoros hitting it out of the park with an early e-bowed guitar performance. Then we had some world music. Then the squelchers treated us to some of that now-legendary Miami din:

This picture will benefit from a little interpertation. In the background bent over a table we have the legendary Rat Bastard, working an arrray of electronic sound producing modules. To the left, wearing a green tanktop, is the group’s conductor (it is a feature of the Squelchers’ performances at the Dorsch to employ a conductor, something they don’t do at any other venue). In the immediate foreground we have the ariplane costume guy, who did an interpertative dance (it is another feature of the Squelchers’ performances at the Dorsch to employ an interpertative dancer, something else they seldom do at other venues). On your right in the photograph we have the horn section, including our pal Jim, of Dopee Francisco (which recently completed a great documentary but apparently can’t put together a web site). Fierce!

Next up we had the pop duo Awesome New Republic, which rocked the house tiny-drumkit-and-keyboards style, somewhat evoking the disbanded Unicorns. “It’s funny you should say that,” drummer MJ remarked after their set, “because we played with the Unicorns at I/O a couple of years ago and almost got in a fight with them . . .” Alas, no photograph exists of their performance.

Here we have the MSG Newness Blues Fuckers Plus, with your author on drums. Unaccoustomed to playing in such a large and echoy space, we were forced to rely on our senses of touch to know what to play. The star of the performance was saxophonist Chad Harris’es toe, which was apparently featured prominently in more then one video recording of the evening.

No official report yet on how much the event raised, but was that the point, really? Well, actually it probably was, although Brook Dorsch conceeded the point that you can’t have an A/C fundraiser and then not get the damned A/C.

And speaking of Brook, how about that guy? Looking clean-cut and energetic, he drifted through the hall, surveying everything and fixing whatever minor thing needed to be fixed. Everything went off remarkably well. “More power to you,” we might say, but it would be an excercise in redundancy. Having hosted a widely attended panel of local arts writers, the Subtropics festival, and more then a few first-rate exhibitions just in the past few years, the Dorsch was on its way to becoming a major cultural center even without the bloody air conditioning.

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  1. Brook    Tue Aug 16, 02:15 PM #  

    Thank all for attending… I have been trying to recover from all of the work that went into Blowhard. Which Raised $2,658.87. Thank you everyone! I think a good time was had by all. I am well on my way to getting that A/C and may have one more small event that may be just a long run of canvas one the wall… since many people had a blast watching the group drawing that was going on.

    Thanks again!

  2. cohen    Tue Aug 16, 09:22 PM #  

    hopefully msg will be brought back again.

  3. Brook    Wed Aug 17, 01:03 PM #  

    No – but Chad Harris’s toe was been signed to multi-$$ and multi-year contract.

  4. hurt    Fri Aug 19, 05:59 PM #  

    no, msg wont be asked back? what’s that all about? that’s not nice!!

  5. Brook    Mon Aug 22, 07:22 AM #  

    Hurt??? It was a joke! jesssh! Beside in the Chad Harris contract he specifies MSG to be the Toe’s only source of background music.