Saturday August 13, 2005

Mold to Mold

Our pal Jeroen Nelemans has just posted pictures from his latest piece on his site. A site-specific installation in the bedroom of an undisclosed suburban home, the piece was a massive mold colony frozen under polyurethane and held at waist-level by a plexiglass support structure. Slowly pulsing lights underneath and a mirrored ceiling above completed the effect.

Originally, the installation was intended to be open to the public for a one-night viewing, but (despite the polyurethane) due to an abundance of caution revolving around health and safety issues, the event was scuttled, and we will only ever know the piece from photos (and the amazing video).

Incidentally, Jeroen will be leaving Miami shortly for a Masters program at the Art Institute of Chicago, and we wish him well. Here’s an unrelated link to a live mp3 recording of Eau De LaVue, with Jeroen on lead vocasl.

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  1. harumi    Mon Aug 15, 09:45 AM #  

    I love the part where the lights are comming out. I wish I had chance to come by and see the real thing.
    I can’t wait to see you making new cool things in Chicago.

  2. Miami Harold    Mon Aug 15, 11:26 AM #  

    His website photos are astonishing.
    Clearly, after Jeroen Nelemans was created,
    they broke the…...mold.