Friday August 5, 2005

State of the Blog 2

The starter went out on the Critical Miami limo this week, resulting in posting problems, and staff having to ride public transport: fun! We’re pleased to report that Miami-Dade busses are predictably slow, annoying, but ultimately effective. The K line goes from South Beach all the way up into Broward, but there’s a catch. Do you see on the page where it says that only every other bus goes to Broward (half of them stop at the Nude Beach)? Neither did we, and we caught the wrong one. But eventually, after much zig-zagging and construction detours (on the bus, that is), we made it.

The fun came the next day, when it was time to get the car to the shop. The car’s starter is (apparently) dead; it can be push-started, but does not start on its own. Call in to AAA, where, because the membership was recently opened, our friendly operator had to re-type all membership information from one computer screen to another. She asks what we need.

“The car won’t start. I need a jump or a push start, I’m not really sure.”

“OK. The service in your area is radio-dispatched, and they won’t be able to call your cell phone when they’re coming, so you need to wait by the car. It should take an hour, or less.” We wait outside in the relative heat of a South Beach August morning. (Note that this area has more tow trucks per acre then any other place in the US other than New York City.) Forty-five sweaty minutes later, the cell phone rings. It’s a recording:

The AAA service truck will be there in 15 to 20 minutes. Please go outside and wait by your vehicle.

ARGH! Why did the other lady lie?? Fifteen minutes after that, the phone rings again; a person this time.

“Hello, this is AAA. The driver will be there in about one minute, so you can go outisde now.”

Impressively broken. AAA pulls up in a pickup truck, not a tow truck. A kindly middle-aged gentleman with a sizable belly gets out with a jump-start kit, which fails to do anything. I ask him about the push start.

“Well, I’ve got a bad leg, so I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

He assesses the situation, eventually pulling out a frighteningly short rope with a sharp hook on the end, ghetto rigs it to his truck, and begins to climb into the cabin for what will turn out to be a successful—if nerve-wracking—pull-start. His cheerful last words:

“We’re actually not supposed to do this, but I’ve got to get you home!”

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  1. Susan H.    Fri Aug 5, 04:28 PM #  

    Thanks to this web, we know NOW what was going on with you Alesh !


  2. AAAhater    Mon Nov 7, 09:41 PM #  

    AAA took 5 hours to come today. Luckily I had given up waiting for them 3 hours earlier. Needless to say, I cancelled my membership.