Tuesday August 2, 2005

Find Cheap Gas Prices

Yikes! If you were holding out hope that gas was going back below $1 a gallon (or even below $2 a gallon) anytime soon, it’s about time to let it go. There’s a clean, beautiful Hess station on Biscayne at 114th Street (yes, in the middle of yearlong construction) that serves up regular for $2.25; that’s as good a deal as you’re going to get with pay-at-pump. Not great, but cheaper then most. If it’s out of your way, Miami Gas Prices might be able to help you out. While you’re at it, isn’t it time to downgrade your Hummer?

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  1. "Gypsy Ed" Romany    Tue Aug 2, 10:04 AM #  

    You want cheap gas? Try babaganoush for breakfast.
    (With garlic hot sauce, it’s called “The Nuclear Option”).

  2. Brook    Tue Aug 2, 10:43 AM #  

    Well, sorry to boast, but… My Prius just hit 19,000 miles and after a year and a half of (knock on wood) problem free driving, my average gas milage is about 48 mpg (that is driving on the Highway which gets less than city and with the AC blasting).

    Besides the car being smooth, quite, eco friendly and great on gas… there are other perks… the $2000 tax deduction is one. Also the latest search on the Kelly Blue Book has my 19,000 mile car listed at just under $2000 less than what I paid for it a year and a half ago! Most cars lose $2000 the second you drive them off the lot.

    I hear is that there is no longer a 6 month waiting list for the 2005 Prius… but with Gas prices as posted, that may not last long.


    PS Sorry I sound like a commercial, but I have never been happier with a car than I have with this one.

    PPS I am writing this comment whilst in Esbjerg Denmark where looking out the window from the Bridge of the ship that I am on, I can see gas prices at near $5 per gallon. On the Dock of the pier I also see the blades of about 30 windmills, Renewable energy…hummm