Tuesday July 26, 2005


Yes Yes y’all, the VMAs are coming to town again, with your pal Sean Combs at the helm (Speaking of Sean, has anyone noticed that his clothing line’s web site hasn’t been updated for over two years? Um, we didn’t think so. Not to hate, tho: we checked some of the threads out at Macy’s (the store formerly known as Burdines, the Florida Store, which, good riddence to that shit) recently, and the shit was top notch and very up-to-date 80’s retro. If P-2-da-D is looking for some web-design help we might be persuaded to step in…). Please spare us the economic impact bullshit, this is all about a weekend-long (tops) party for world-class celebs in Miami.

If they’d asked us, we would have told them to come back in November. Needless to say, they didn’t ask us. But, not to be discouraged, Critical Miami is going to be testing its newly found clout to try to get some press passes to the shindig (did we spell that right?). For you commoners, may be suggest the sweepstakes. For those with hookups, holla.

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