Monday July 25, 2005

Lazy Mornings

Turns out that Monday is by far the most popular day to read Critical Miami, which means we need some content here…but the A/C is down at CM Headquarters, and brain activity slowed to a crawl over the weekend. Then we remembered our pal Frances Nash, and checked back in with her. Luckily, she’s been up to good stuff, taking photos both blessed and profane, and penning a Rimbaudesque creed about, um, barnacles.

Also, we were looking at this Eve Interrupted, which is supposed to be a local publication for gay and bisexual women. There seems to be very little going on there these days. After clicking around awhile, we found Fay’s Column (known in the space of two pages variously as “Fay’s Opinion,” “Fay’s Chronicles,” and “Fay Stories”), which is nice enough. But compared to Frances’ site, what with comments, random links, and myspace page, Eve’s static pages start to seem a little innert (possibly their club listings are of interest to some). Maybe they close up shop for the summer? Sounds unthinkable from here.

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