Saturday July 23, 2005

Trouble at New Times

It appears there is blogging-related trouble at New Times. The head honcho had to fly down from the Denver home office. All the relevant posts appear to have been taken down, though.

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  1. Miami Harold    Mon Jul 25, 09:55 AM #  

    I just don’t get this.
    Seems to me a blog is an electronic diary,
    in which a person enters whatever he or she pleases,
    and makes it accessible to third parties
    (theoretically in unlimited numbers).
    The more candid, the better.
    (Issues about using company time and resources
    are entirely separate.)
    When people are disciplined or fired
    because a third party doesn’t care for their opinions,
    that’s Just Wrong.
    If you can’t trash your boss, your colleagues, and your own employees,
    what’s the point of going to work?
    And what follows?
    Can’t trash your neighbors, your pastor, or your elected officials?
    Can’t trash your parents, or your own wife and kids?
    Everybody’s so fucking sensitive.

  2. Ho Ho Ho    Mon Jul 25, 05:35 PM #  

    This is great news. It serves those “alt-” bastards right. Now they’re censoring themselves for cheap gossip as they become more gossip-centric like Street. Irony. The only thing is, does Miami have one decent news/culture publication anymore? Did it ever? Let them burn and learn.

  3. Hugh Briss    Mon Jul 25, 06:15 PM #  

    How is this good news? Censorship of any sort, including self-, never is, and here we have the closest thing to an independent street-level culture pub getting its nuts nipped by Corporate. And for what? Offending somebody?? Somebody inside??? Haul my balls to hell, they need license to pillage, not bridles and reins.