Thursday July 21, 2005

Spiegel Grove Unstuck

A great big boat called the Spiegel Grove was sunk in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary few years ago to create an artifical reef. Well, it somewow turned over while sinking, and maybe part of it stayed sticking out the water. So our fearless park directors (and it doesn’t say, but we bet the Army Corps of Engineers was involved) cooked up a plan to turn the boat back over; that’s the diagram you see above.

Well, it didn’t work. But good news: Hurricane Dennis turned it over for them. Apparently, this makes scuba divers who visit the wreck very happy, because diving in a boat that’s right-side-up is more fun that an upside-down one. Got all that? Then tell us why they care about this in India.

[More pictures of SG ]

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